Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great communication tool if used properly. An email campaign is a one or more emails sent to a group of recipients who have opted in to an email list. A timed or “drip” campaign will send out emails at regular intervals (perhaps once per week). The stream of timed emails will be triggered by a specific action by each recipient – usually by the recipient signing up to receive the emails. This cycle may be repeated for a specified number of iterations.


  • Saves you money.
  • Sending communication via Email is considerably cheaper than sending via traditional post.
  • Saves you time.
  • Helps build brand awareness.
  • Regular communication with your clients’ helps you build awareness and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Allows you to track responses instantaneously.
  • Lets you communicate directly with your target audience.
  • Your e-newsletter is delivered straight to the inbox of your client, allowing you to push your message to your audience.
  • Allows you to communicate personally with your clients.
  • Each message ┬ácan be personalized for each recipient. Sending an e-newsletter to Dear George, reads a lot better than sending it to Dear Sir, or Dear Customer.